The issues: Privatization

Privatization… selling off public services for corporate profit

Premier Pallister promised to protect public services and the people who provide them. Instead, his government has eliminated health care and environmental protections, cut jobs and services, and is planning to privatize a wide range of services — from home care to public infrastructure.

What is privatization?

It’s when the government hires a private corporation to deliver public services, or sells off public assets like Crown corporations.

What is Premier Pallister privatizing?

A lot. His government has invited big corporations to send them proposals for privatizing government air services, including Lifeflight air ambulance and our provincial water bombers. They’ve talked about privatizing MRI services, and they want private investors earn a profit from our for community social services, while continuing their push to privatize more of our province’s vital public home care program.

They were even talking about using private corporations to build public schools, but an outcry stopped that plan in its tracks — for now.

What’s wrong with privatization?

The biggest problem is that when corporations deliver services, they skim some of the money off the top so they can make a profit. This money should be used to deliver health care, education and other services Manitobans count on. Instead, it’s going to shareholders.

Often it isn’t just one corporation taking their cut: it’s many of them. And when cost-cutting means even higher profits, there’s every incentive for corporations charge user fees, to cut corners on quality… and even skimp on safety. So the service we receive suffers.

Meanwhile, the contracts between governments and corporations are often shrouded in secrecy, making accountability impossible — and often locking us into bad deals for years, even decades. Any way you look at it, privatization is a bad deal.

You can help keep our services together. Send a message to the Premier. Tell him to make good on his election promises, and share these images on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and family know what’s at stake.

Share these images on Facebook and Twitter
to let your friends and family know what’s at stake.