Hear from the people who provide our vital services. They know first-hand how these cuts are threatening the services Manitobans rely on and what’s at risk by privatizing them.


Customer Service Representative

Cheryll protects the accuracy and privacy of your personal information — and makes it easier for you to get the services you need.


Addictions Counsellor

When someone with an addiction is finally ready to make a change, the last thing Tauvia wants is to tell them they have to wait.


Engineering Aide

Grady knows all too well: big promises for new roads and bridges don’t mean much without the skilled people in place to deliver on them safely.


Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer

You can breathe a little easier driving on the highway, knowing Greg and his colleagues are ensuring cargo trucks are operated safely.


Liquor Products Consultant

By helping people get great service at Manitoba’s public liquor stores, Rick also helps ensure revenues to support services like health care and schools.



Seconds matter in a medical emergency. That’s when a skilled, professional paramedic like Meagan can make all the difference.


Resource Coordinator for Home Care Program

Seniors and patients living at home need care. Shelby connects them with the services and health providers they need.


Environment Officer

One big reason most of us can take safe, clean drinking water for granted is that Warren and his colleagues don’t.


Group Home Worker

For vulnerable people in group homes, workers like Kate are more than support staff. They’re like family.


Liquor Inspector

Liquor inspectors like Earl help make sure a night on the town ends safely, and impaired drivers stay off the road.


Government Mechanic

Joel and his fellow mechanics keep the lifelines open between Manitoba communities.


Health Care Aide

Health care aides like Kim help seniors and people in care live in comfort and dignity.


Child & Youth Worker

When children in danger need someone on their side, people like Teenie are ready.