Hear from the people who provide our vital services and know first-hand the importance of the services they provide. Learn why the work they do matters to us all.


Correctional Officer

Tiffany is a correctional officer, helping women rebuild their lives and make positive changes to rejoin the community.


Registered Psychiatric Nurse

A moment of crisis can lead to healing, hope, and independence with the expertise and support of professionals like Kimberly.


Highway Maintenance Worker

Highway maintenance workers like Joe keep our roads clear of snow — so you can safely get where you need to go.


Branch Administrator – Northern Airports & Marine Operations

For remote communities, airports are a lifeline. Jake helps make sure they’re running, keeping families and communities connected to essential services.


Radio Operator – Fire Clerk

When calls come flooding in about wildfires, radio operators like Cheri make sure urgent, life-saving information gets where it needs to go.


Conservation Officer

Conservation officers like Kurt protect our land, lakes and wildlife. They help keep Manitobans safe outdoors, but more officers are needed to protect our vast province.


Public Health Inspector

Whenever you go to a public place, whether it’s a swimming pool or a restaurant, Ateeb and his fellow inspectors have been there first – helping to safeguard you and your family from injury and illness.


Community Service Worker

Whether it’s helping to find job training or the right place to live, community support workers like Mercedes are making a difference for Manitobans living with developmental disabilities.